kfs Czech Calendar

Author: Pavel Drimalka


for download, please visit project page on sf.net

It's java program and for bigger photos maus be used with special parameters:

 java -jar -Xms200m -Xmx200m kfsCzCal.jar kfsCalTest

kfsCalTest is script file, example of this scrip can be faoun bottom.

Create image objects based on input year/month and input image, which is czech month calendar, with highlighted holidays and weekends.

This class can interpeting some special script on standard input or specified in files as a program parameters.

In script can be use # as a commentary - on line beginnig

Script is line based and is in form: key = value

Keys can be found in help.

Month calendar will be generated when is defined all this items. After generation all values except year is lost and mut be defined again. Year definition can be used for more months.

Script example

# 2008
year = 2008
month = 12
in_pic  = pic\12_prosinec.JPG 
out_pic = out\0812_cal.jpg 

year = 2009

month = 1
in_pic  = pic\01_leden.JPG 
out_pic = out\0901_cal.jpg 

month = 2
in_pic  = pic\02_unor.JPG 
out_pic = out\0902_cal.jpg 

Image example
kfsCzCal example output

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